Community Showcase Competition FAQ

With the announcement of our most recent joint competition with Opera GX, we understand that you may have some questions. We hope that most of your questions will be answered in this FAQ.


1. What is GXC?

GXC is the first instance of the synergy between GameMaker and Opera GX, connecting indie game creators with the fast growing Opera GX audience of more than 10 million gamers. The platform is entering the beta stage in the coming weeks and will then become open to a wider audience, so further plans will be revealed soon. 


2. What is the Community Showcase Competition?

The Community Showcase Competition is a joint event between GameMaker and Opera GX to celebrate the launch of a new self publishing platform. This platform will enable 1-click publishing from GameMaker Studio to Opera GX’s growing gaming community. Read more in the press release here 

3. Who is this competition for?

This competition is aimed at creators of free games made with GameMaker.

4. Why do I need an Opera account?

You need an Opera account to be able to submit your entry or entries.

5. Can I participate if I’m under the age of 18?

As we have a monetary prize for this competition, contestants need to be the age of majority in their country.

6. How will I know if I won?

The winners will be notified on or about October 30, 2021 via email or through their Opera account.

7. What if I upload my game after October 21?

Games uploaded after the competition deadline closes will not be eligible for this competition. However, these games will still be uploaded onto the GXC platform.

8. How do I get help if I have any issues regarding the competition?

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us by submitting a Zendesk form using your GameMaker Account. You can also check the video tutorial to see how to upload games, as well as read the help articles here and here


9. I cannot find the Opera GX target in GameMaker Studio 2.

Please make sure that you have updated to the latest version (v2.3.5). If you still do not see the new target, please log out of your IDE (the "Logout" option can be found in the "File" menu), close it, then open GMS2 and log in again.


10. What type of games can I upload?

You can upload any free and original games that you created using GameMaker.

You are NOT allowed to upload:

- Any games infringing on existing intellectual property

- Any games containing content and/or assets that you do not have rights to use

- Games with themes deemed inappropriate for minors, such as drug use, sexual themes, brutal violence, disturbing visuals, etc. 

- Games with themes that include racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, religious prejudice, or other forms of hate.

- Paid games

- Games made in other game engine

11. Can I upload my existing game?

Yes! Feel free to upload any games that you have already created, but bear in mind the type of games you are allowed to submit

12. How many games can I upload?

As many as you would like. Multiple entries are allowed.

13. Do I still own the rights to my game after I upload?

The legal ownership of the game remains in the hands of the submitting party.

14. Can I add new features to my existing games before uploading?

Of course! If you think that your game will benefit from it, you can add new features to it.

15. Can I make an entirely new game for this competition?

Yes you can.

16. Can we work in teams?

Yes, teams are allowed in this competition. However the prize is the same for one individual or teams. Teams are responsible for dividing the prize among its members.

17. How do I upload my game?

In order to submit your game, open GameMaker Studio 2 and choose your game project. Then select the Opera GX target and start the upload process with the click of a button. Finally, access the GXC DevCloud to edit your game’s details and publish it. On the edit game page, select up to three categories and click save, and your game will automatically be entered into the competition. For full submission details, view the tutorial here, or watch this video

18. How do I move my game to Public?

When submitting your game on the GXC DevCloud make sure you go to the side menu and click Publishing and then toggle to Public.

19. How do I remove/delete my game?

Open your game details page on GXC DevCloud, scroll down to the bottom and click Delete, then Confirm. This will remove your game from GXC.

20. Can I upload my game if it’s already been released on Steam,, or other marketplaces?

Yes. As a competition focused on existing games, we understand that you may already have published your games on other platforms. However you can only compete if your game is free to play or download on the other platforms as well.

21. Would there be future opportunities for monetization?

We are constantly trying to find ways to help and support developers achieve their goals. In the future GXC will give game developers the opportunity for monetization. More information on this will be revealed going forward.


22. What are the categories?

You can submit your games in 9 categories: Best Action, Best Arcade, Best Platformer, Best Puzzle, Best Multiplayer, Best Art Direction, Best Soundtrack, Best Level Design, and Most Engaging.

23. What do the category tags mean?

You need to select and add Category Tags to your games to enter the GXC Community Showcase Competition. We have 9 tags, each of which represent a category in the competition.

24. How do I select them?

Go to your game details page on GXC DevCloud. There you can select the best-of tags, which are the categories that your game will compete in.

25. How many tags can I add?

For each game you submit, you can select a maximum of 3 Category Tags. So make sure to select the tags most relevant to your game.