If your issue is not related to UI or documentation, please try cleaning your project cache and testing again before submitting a bug report. Be aware a copy of your compiler log window contents (in a .txt file) is often required for project building issues, and you should also ensure you have ready a suitable project/sample .gmz which shows any in-game or code issue. Thank you.

You can find a full list of our known issues on our bug tracker here.

Known Issues

Recent Bugs

21661 UI: Resource tree scrolls to focused asset window [because we add in a tree search for this next resource] Assigned
16642 UI: First tip/upsell often opens in browser Assigned
12864 Windows 8 (N): Windows 8.1 Apps [when you don't have VS2012 support as well as 2013] Assigned
23327 Saving: Using "open with" on a gmz does not give you the overwrite dialogue [and ability to abort] Assigned
23668 Saving:Dragging & dropping a gmk/gm81 on the IDE will convert the project but won't be able to run it until you save it manually Assigned
24636 Licensing: Windows XP with IE8 does not support newer SSL/TLS and so updates don't download Assigned
24103 General: If you hold down Enter when confirming multiple dialogs, can result in Access Violation & corrupt the project Assigned
16753 Marketplace: Spine animations don't work in Marketplace assets Assigned
19023 UI: I cannot paste any code Assigned

Top In-Game Issues

23873 HTML5: streamed sounds doesn't work/load on Chrome anymore Assigned
24655 Debugger: Instance variables show as <unknown> Assigned
23874 HTML5: device_mouse_x_to_gui() and device_mouse_x_to_gui() are broken Resolved
19982 Functions: json_encode() will write booleans as "null" Resolved
16629 Windows: If you alt tab from a game it disappears from taskbar Resolved
24026 Objects: Wrap-Screen both directions buggy Resolved
20826 Game window can't restore correctly when using "Allow player to resize the game window" setting is on Resolved
24162 HTML5: Runner-level "undefined variable" crash on all physics-enabled games Resolved
24465 Functions: ini_write_string does not escape double quotes - breaks JSON. Assigned
23968 Physics: Physics collision groups don't work with Fast Collision System enabled Assigned

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