GameMaker: Studio Celebrates Turning 2!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since GameMaker: Studio launched. But, as the saying goes; we’ve come a long way baby!


In the past year, we’ve launched the YoYo Compiler and cross-platform Shader support for GameMaker: Studio. New export modules including Tizen, Ubuntu Linux, PlayStation4, PS Vita and PlayStation 3 have been added. Yes, GameMaker: Studio now supports console publishing!

This past year we also added a brand new GameMaker Showcase to our site where we draw attention to you and the great games that you’ve made with GameMaker.

Looking ahead, version 1.3 launches in about a week’s time packed full of new functionality. And, we have ambitious plans to further evolve GameMaker: Studio – all to make your lives easier and your opportunities brighter!

Visit us on Facebook at YoYo Games or on Twitter and tell us what GameMaker: Studio has meant to you this past two years. Use hashtag #GMSBDAY


Happy 2nd birthday GameMaker: Studio and thanks again to all our fans for making this another great year.

The Team at YoYo Games