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Space Legend X

  • Android
  • iOS

Space Legend is an arcade/dogfight-space faring experience. Travel a level based universe & find diverse warships from simple fighters to battle cruisers. This arcade space game is not like any other.

Unique Ships:

  • Find ships other players and your friends will not. Pay attention to level details and clues. Build a growing fleet and replay level's using the powers of your discovered ships.

Fluid Controls

  • Controls change based on the ship you are using. Simulated analog sticks, direction pad movement and analog weapon button's are used.

Changing AI & Levels:

  • Fight enemies with different AI's. Some will hit & run, other will tail you. Watch them use powerful abilities. Fight ships that you might own one day.

  • Levels change slightly during play and vary in difficulty based off the ship you are using. Graphics change dynamically per level.

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