Galactic Missile Defense

Developed by BlackSheep Games

  • iOS

The year is 2015 and humanity has made a big step, Pry rover has successfully landed on Mars, roaming on the Red Planet's desert for evidence of life form. Scientists didn't like what the mobile laboratory found, aliens got angry because of an unfortunate moment the ultra robot had with them. It is up to you to save the world from their horrifying threat.

Galactic Missile Defense is a shooter/tower defense game where you are in charge of 3 secret technologically-advanced bases that are the last hope to save Earth!

The game has a fast-paced action with different alien types and many new threats, be aware that you will face the strongest force the Mars General has sent against our planet.

Of course you are not alone, your bases can be upgraded to deadly machine guns or bring up the heat using their ultra-charged laser beams. For the tough green-skinned guys, be sure to enable your most powerful weapons, the booster packs, they are the latest word of technology and can devastate your enemies! So, what do you say General, are you the right one for this challenge or Earth as we know it will end today?

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