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Smash Ghosts

Developed by 7 Raven Studios

  • Android
  • iOS

Ghosts everywhere and not a Ghostbuster in sight? Easy, hire Smash Ghosts!

Banish the ghosts that haunt the Count's castle with the power of your fingers! Steal their diamonds and becomes more and more powerful to fight back against these mischievous spirits. Use diamonds to enhance your powers!

Alter time, stop it or extend it for more gameplay! Levels are like the night but be careful because the night is short! How many do you can smash before the time runs out?

In this one touch game, hit as many enemies as you can. Starting with one minute and depending on the number of enemies you crush earn extra time.

By using the diamonds in the store you can increase your powers. They say that there is Blind Luck but if you are given a helping hand it will not hurt. Improving your powers improves your luck and good objects will appear more often. However… Look out! There are also negative powers which will hinder your progress.

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