Warp Wiz

  • Android
  • iOS

Warp Wiz is frantic, frenzied fun! As creepy wraiths close in from all angles, you are constantly planning your next split-second move to safety and treasure. The goal of Warp Wiz is to collect as many gems as possible while avoiding deadly contact with lost souls. The Wiz is able to teleport and invoke various collectible spells to help him on this quest.

Warp Wiz plays like no other mobile game on the market! Tap anywhere on the screen to go there, but beware the path of unseen enemies. Those who stand still will surely perish! Test your quick wit and sharp reflexes, those who hone their skills will be rewarded with MEGA spells and gem bonuses.

Ultimate Warp Wiz players will be able to use their collected gems to unlock Magi-morfs, new forms the Wiz takes on in strange lands, each equipped with unique powers. Try to unlock them all!

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