Savant - Ascent

Platforms PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
Publisher D-Pad Studio
Developer In-house
Release Out Now

A malicious orb has cast Savant out of his tower and transformed his surroundings into dangerous enemies!

Dodge and shoot your way back up the tower, and blast down waves of enemies as you make your way towards the top! As you progress, you unlock CDs that not only give you new tracks to play to, but also grant you powerful new abilities!

Can you make it to the top?


"Savant Ascent Is The Best $2 You'll Ever Spend".

"Something gorgeous for the eyes and ears, and well worth the cost of a mobile game app"

"Wait, wait, it's good dubstep!"

Games Features

  • Challenging platform/shoot-em-up gameplay

  • Unlockable soundtracks and abilities

  • Several gameplay modes

  • Original soundtrack from dubstep artist Savant

  • Available on a multitude of platforms

  • Future content will be free

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    we spent only 5 weeks from zero to release.

    Jo-Remi Madsen, Gameplay Programmer, D-Pad Studio



    About D-Pad Studio

    D-Pad Studio consists of 5 members who are best known for their first title - Owlboy. Owlboy was nominated for the IGF award ‘Excellence in Visual Arts’.

    Seth Coster

    Jo-Remi Madsen Gameplay Programmer, D-Pad Studio

    “I've been using GameMaker since I was a kid, and has always been my go-to program for creating exactly the game I want in just a couple of days. Savant is an example of this, as we spent only 5 weeks from zero to release.”