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Rock, Paper, Wizards!

Developed by ZebraFox Games

  • Android

In Rock, Paper, Wizards! players follow Oscar Burlin, a loving father and magician who lives modestly and literally pulls rabbits out of a hat to make ends meet. It seems only natural that he perform at his daughter's birthday party to save a buck. Unfortunately, he is shamed and humiliated when his daughter and her friends claim he is not magician at all, but rather a hack who relies on cheap parlor tricks and a beautiful mustache to "entertain."

Truly haunted by his spoiled daughter's words, and in an effort to regain her respect, as well as prove to himself he's a true wielder of magic, Oscar enters a contest of magic. He will stop at nothing to be the best, and make his embarrassing failure at his daughter's birthday party all but disappear.

Players choose (tap) either rock, paper, or scissors and wage battle against mythical creatures with the same options. To their advantage, Oscar's power of foresight shows players what their CPU opponent will choose three seconds to a split second before the reveal, decreasing in duration as the player climbs the ranks. Sounds simple, but the game is far from easy.

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