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Defend Your Turf

  • Android
  • iOS

In a small town somewhere on earth, a bunch of guys dressed in blue hate another bunch of guys dressed in red. Use your brain as well as your fingers to guide red to absolute victory. You'll need skill, you'll need cunning. You'll need to drop cars on people's heads.

Defend Your Turf is an arcade style genre-bending game - part beat 'em up, part real-time strategy and created specifically for touch screen devices. It's the pixel arcade street fight that'll test your wits.


• Easy to play, tough to master • Real-time tactical challenges • Graded 3-star difficulty across 36 levels: you will be tested • Hundreds of nervous pigeons • Use weapons and defensive cover to overcome rivals • Challenge friends with leaderboards and achievements • Original music soundtrack (headphones recommended!) • Classic 8-bit pixel-perfect retro art style • Universal app, play on your iPhone or iPad.

All this accompanied by a must-hear original soundtrack.

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