Developed by Bears In Mind

  • Mac OS X
  • Ubuntu
  • Windows

BeardedBear focuses all of its gameplay elements in making the game the most dynamical possible.

The strongest features that accomplish this are the weapon system and the exp system.

The first one gives you a random weapon created by the combination of a weapon type and a bullet type. Any weapon can be combined with any bullet, creating things like: pistols that shoots bullets, shotguns that shoots arrows, mini-guns that shoots other mini-guns, flamethrowers that shoots poisoned darts, etc...

Weapons will be given to the player by collecting crates on the map, but they will last only for 15 seconds, then they will vanish leaving you without any defense from the aliens. This situation can be avoided by collecting another weapon before the current one disappears.

The exp system is a classic one but with a twist. The exp is dropped by the enemies when they die and remains on the ground to be collected by you. If you collect enough exp the player will eventually level up giving you a choice for a power up. If you do not take the exp for yourself it will not just disappear, instead it will be automatically collected by the enemies! If they gather enough exp they will level up and the player will be forced to choose a power-up for them.

Both these gameplay key points will force the player to be always on a rush, testing his ability to adapt to unexpected weapons and punishing him if he stays still too much without moving.

This gameplay, in combination with a gorgeous handcrafted pixel art and a unique soundtrack based on the current weapon and bullet type, will give the player an awesome and complete experience.

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