We already have the Make and Play sides covered, and now it's time to Share.

GameMaker: Player is a one stop shop for all your game distribution needs. From sharing work in progress content to distributing your game to the vibrant GameMaker community, we have you covered.

We have taken the best bits from the GameMaker: Marketplace and Sandbox, and combined them with the easy export nature of GameMaker: Studio to create a brand new product that you will find easy to use and also bring hours of enjoyment from other developers creations.

Make, Share and Play with GameMaker today!

Download GameMaker: Player BETA now!

Mac OS X - Coming Soon

Ubuntu - Coming Soon

GameMaker: Player is in BETA!

GameMaker: Player is currently in Beta and is not representative of the final product. Please bear this in mind when using the product.

Technical Details

GameMaker: Player is a free service that gives GameMaker: Studio users a place to share their games with not only other GameMaker users but also the rest of the world.

The GameMaker: Player application is available to download free of charge from www.yoyogames.com for Windows, and will soon be available for Mac and Linux systems.

All GameMaker: Studio users will be able make their games available on the Windows version of the Player* but in order to make it available to the others they will have to have the specific export module for that platform.

Developers will be able to share pre-release content with others so that they can show individuals what they are working on or even run closed beta tests of upcoming projects.

For more information please see our FAQs.

*Selling games is currently restricted to pro users and above.

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