GameMaker Studio 2 Now Available For Amazon App Store

GameMaker Studio 2 Now Available For Amazon App Store


Furthering our expansion of GameMaker Studio 2, We have signed an agreement with Amazon to enable full support of the development and publishing of your games on Amazon’s Appstore.

Pushing our engine to support Amazon’s Appstore continues to open GameMaker Studio 2 to anyone interested in game creation.

You can now use the new GameMaker Studio 2 Fire to create or publish games to a range of new devices. You also now have access to the most recent and all future versions of Amazon’s application program interfaces (APIs), including in-app purchasing and reporting.

James Cox, our General Manager had this to say:

“We’re confident that focusing on making a game for the Amazon Appstore is a great way for developers to get their feet wet with mobile game development. This option gives a very accessible entry point into mobile game development and publishing on the Amazon Appstore. We even made sure to give developers an effortless way to deploy their games to other mobile platforms – just pay the difference to upgrade the license to the Mobile version, and you’ll be taking advantage of GameMaker Studio 2’s incredibly easy-to-use multi-platform support in no time.”

The Amazon Fire product for GameMaker Studio 2 is available with a 60-day free trial. It is also included as part of GameMaker Studio Mobile and now allows you to develop for a full range of Amazon Fire devices including Fire TV, Fire TV Stick and compatible Fire tables.

Amazon Fire product is available for $149

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