GameMaker Studio 2.0.7 And Console Exports - Out Now!

GameMaker Studio 2.0.7 And Console Exports - Out Now!

Today we are releasing GameMaker Studio 2.0.7, the latest feature and bug-fix release for GameMaker Studio 2!

2.0.7 brings new image editor tools, lots of HTML5 updates, many bug fixes, and performance improvements.

We are also releasing our PlayStation 4 and Xbox One exports for Studio 2.

Both PS4 and Xbox One exports cost $799.99 USD each for 12 months access and you must be a registered developer for the platform that you wish to purchase.

In addition to the Console exports we are also introducing GameMaker Studio 2 Ultimate, containing all export modules (including console if you are a registered developer). Ultimate is the one-stop-shop route for developers targeting all platforms and can be purchased for $1500.00 USD for 12 months access by all developers who are registered on at least one console platform.

To see a full list of changes in GameMaker Studio 2.0.7, please visit