New Forums Are Live!

New Forums Are Live!

Hello, your Community Manager Shaun here!

We made an announcement quite some time ago that we were working on an upgrade for the GameMaker Community Forums (the "GMC"). We're now finally ready to make the new forums live.

The new forums can be found at

This is a different domain from the previous GMC which has now been locked and archived for legacy purposes. All previous threads from the old GMC are visible and can be accessed from as usual. But users can no longer post or create new accounts, and everyone wishing to use the new forums will have to create a new account.

We're using new forum software, with a fresh, new and improved layout and board structure. Our previous forums had grown over time alongside the growth and development of GameMaker itself and the needs of the community. After so much time and so many changes we have ended up with many redundant boards, topics, rules and so on. We've designed the forum from the ground up to serve our community and tool as it stands today and we think it's a great improvement.

Our initial plan was to release the new forums in tandem with a necessary server upgrade several months ago, but a number of unforeseen security issues ended up delaying the final release well beyond our expectations. We want to apologize for the unreasonable amount of time that the community has been without usable forums. Our community is an invaluable asset and the forums are an essential resource for both beginner and veteran users. Not having this resource available for an extended period was damaging for us and many of our users and this was never our intention.

Which is why we're very happy to finally bring our new forums online. I'm personally looking forward to seeing you all there so we can get about filling it up with awesome content for all things GameMaker!