GameMaker: Studio Update 1.1

YoYo Games today announces that Update 1.1 for GameMaker: Studio, its cross-platform games development environment, is available now. With the free update, developers will have unprecedented access to a wide range of services directly from GameMaker: Studio’s user interface, removing the technical barrier of integrating and deploying business services into games. YoYo Games has also significantly upgraded GameMaker: Studio’s audio system and room editor.

Services integrated and available in GameMaker: Studio Update 1.1:



YoYo Games continues to add services to GameMaker: Studio on an on-going basis and will make those services available in future updates. Google Analytics ( will be available soon.

GameMaker: Studio’s audio system has been completely re-written allowing much more comprehensive control of audio assets, including pause, speed, frequency and native ogg support. GameMaker: Studio’s room editor upgrade has been made to the “left click” which allows access to enhanced features like cut and paste, simple moving, and mouse-based scaling and rotation.

GameMaker: Studio has been developed with usability and efficiency at its core, allowing developers to create games in a single code base and then export and run them natively on multiple formats including HTML5, Facebook, Android, iOS, Windows and OSX. GameMaker: Studio offers a powerful, yet simple to use drag-and-drop integrated development environment with a built-in games-oriented scripting language that considerably increases games development productivity. GameMaker: Studio is a best-of-breed platform that caters to entry-level novices and seasoned game development professionals equally.

To download GameMaker: Studio Version 1.1, learn more about the GameMaker: Studio family of products and to get GameMaker: Studio, please visit: