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YoYo Games - brand usage guidelines

Thank you for enquiring about using our brand. We are happy for you to use YoYo Games, GameMaker: Studio, and GameMaker Studio 2 images without contacting us for prior permission as long as you adhere to the guidelines below.

Our Logos

We have two YoYo Games logos that you can use to reference us in your content and one GameMaker: Studio logo and two GameMaker Studio 2 logos that you can use for content made using GameMaker: Studio / GameMaker Studio 2 or to indicate that you use GameMaker: Studio / GameMaker Studio 2.

We have taken great care creating our logos and ask that you do not alter them in any way.

YoYo Games

GameMaker: Studio

GameMaker Studio 2

Colour Schemes



Use the official, unaltered logos available for download on this page.

Use the GameMaker: Studio logo on promotional material for your GameMaker: Studio games.

Use the GameMaker: Studio logo as a splash screen within your game.

Conform to the sizing and save area outlined above.


Use our logos in a way that implies that your content was created or sponsored by YoYo Games.

Modify our logos outwith the above guidelines.

Animate our logos.

Use any of our older logos to reference us or our new products.

Further Information

For any further information about the use of our brand please contact

Our Name

When referencing our company use "YoYo Games". When referencing GameMaker: Studio or GameMaker Studio 2 please use "GameMaker: Studio" or "GameMaker Studio 2" (not Game Maker, GameMaker Studio, GameMaker:Studio, Game Maker:Studio, Game Maker: Studio, GameMaker: Studio 2, Game Maker: Studio 2, or Game Maker Studio 2).

To avoid any confusion, do not use YoYo Games in your company name, website address, game, or other product.


YoYo Game does not authorise the reselling of GameMaker: Studio and none of our logos are allowed to be used for this purpose.

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