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Dyo header
The Long Journey of DYO
Posted by Andrew Turner on 21 February 2018

This post has been written by guest contributor Josia Roncancio who is the programmer and one of ... More »

Techblog dynamicmpgrids
Dynamic MP Grids
Posted by Mark Alexander on 6 February 2018

If you've ever had to make any type of enemy movement in a game (especially a top down game) the ... More »

Ariak ztilting header
Z-Tilting: Shader Based 2.5D Depth Sorting
Posted by Mark Alexander on 18 January 2018

Today's Tech Blog is courtesy of Hannes “Ariak” Schmieding, and it covers an interesting alternat... More »

Depthbasemousecollision blog
Depth base mouse collision
Posted by Mike Dailly on 19 December 2017

We've been asked a few times about how to have the mouse only click on the topmost instance of a ... More »

Ghostedparent blog
Ghosted Parent Events and Object Variables
Posted by Mark Alexander on 14 December 2017

The 2.1.3 update to GameMaker Studio 2 is out and along with the usual batch of stability improve... More »

0001 marketing
GameMaker Studio 2.1.3 Out Now!
Posted by Lee Chisholm on 12 December 2017

Today we are releasing our latest update - GameMaker Studio 2.1.3, the latest feature and bug-fix... More »

Networking techblog
Introduction To Networking In GameMaker Studio 2
Posted by Mark Alexander on 21 November 2017

This tech blog is a revision of the Introduction To Networking blog post, only updated for use wi... More »

New : GameMaker Studio 2 Creator Edition
Posted by Lee Chisholm on 15 November 2017

Unleash the Power of GMS2 With new 12-Month Licence Creator Edition Continuing our drive to brin... More »

Blog amazon publishing
Amazon Fire - Part 2: Publishing
Posted by Mark Alexander on 8 November 2017

In the previous tech blog, we explained how to set up GameMaker Studio 2 and the Amazon Fire targ... More »

Blog amazon settingup
Amazon Fire - Part 1: Setting Up
Posted by Mark Alexander on 7 November 2017

Welcome to the first part of our 2 part Amazon Fire tech blogs. In this blog post we will take yo... More »

Blog amazon fire
GameMaker Studio 2 Now Available for Amazon App Store
Posted by Lee Chisholm on 7 November 2017

GMS2 increases support for even more gaming platforms! Furthering our expansion of GameMaker Stu... More »

Wuppo gmspotlight 1120x640
GameMaker Spotlight - Wuppo
Posted by Lee Chisholm on 31 October 2017

We are back with the GameMaker Spotlight and this time around, we would like to introduce you to ... More »

Tech   blog text
Ship to Xbox One with GameMaker Studio 2 UWP
Posted by Lee Chisholm on 25 October 2017


Cover image gamemaker
Integrating GameAnalytics with GameMaker Studio 2
Posted by Lee Chisholm on 24 October 2017

GameAnalytics SDK available for GameMaker Studio 2 We’re happy to announce our partnership with ... More »

Blog getstarted particles
Get Started With Particles In GameMaker Studio 2
Posted by Mark Alexander on 17 October 2017

This tutorial is a revision of the Quick Start To Programing Particles blog post from a few years... More »

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