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GDC 2014 Highlights
Posted on 24 March 2014

The YoYo Games team has arrived back in the UK after a fantastic week at GDC in San Francisco. We... More »

YoYo Games and Sony Announce GameMaker: Studio Partnership for PlayStation's Licensed Developer Program
Posted by Jaime Cottini on 19 March 2014

Today at GDC, we're thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Sony to offer GameMaker: St... More »

YoYo Games Demoing 19 GameMaker Titles for PS4 at GDC
Posted by Jaime Cottini on 19 March 2014

YoYo Games is proud to be demoing 19 fantastic GameMaker games for PlayStation 4 at its GDC Booth... More »

Returning Values From An Extension Asynchronously
Posted by Mark Alexander on 7 March 2014

Version: GameMaker: Studio 1.3+ A call to an extension on any platform generally works like any... More »

Game Of the Month: February '14 Winner
Posted on 3 March 2014

February's GameMaker Game of the Month goes to the multi-award winning: "Nidhogg" from Messhof ... More »

Tizen Game Drive Winners Revealed
Posted on 25 February 2014

Thank you to all those who entered games for the Tizen Game Drive. Without further ado, the winne... More »

Short Circuit Evaluation
Posted by Mark Alexander on 21 February 2014

Version: GameMaker: Studio [1.3 Early Access] Recently there was a change made to the way that ... More »

GameMaker Sale!
Posted on 21 February 2014

Are you an aspiring game designer, artist or programmer looking to for a way to take your work to... More »

YoYo Games at GDC 2014!
Posted on 19 February 2014

Interested in checking out the latest with GameMaker: Studio? Fancy meeting some of the YoYo Game... More »

Early Access Version 65 Out Now
Posted on 18 February 2014

A new Early Access update is out (v65) - no ad support in iOS builds (satisfies a new Apple submi... More »

New Functions In Early Access
Posted by Mark Alexander on 14 February 2014

Version: GameMaker: Studio [1.3 Early Access] Our senior developer Mike Dailly has been busy re... More »

Video Game BAFTA Nominations 2014
Posted on 12 February 2014

Today the 2014 Video Game BAFTA nominations were announced. We are thrilled to discover that two ... More »

Game of the Year 2013 Announcement
Posted on 10 February 2014

The results are in and you've chosen the 2013 Showcase Game of the Year. Congratulations to ou... More »

Studio Releases Now Include Early Access – What Does It Mean For You?
Posted by Dan Cleaton on 7 February 2014

Version: GameMaker: Studio As we move towards the release of GameMaker: Studio 1.3 we want to g... More »

Game Of the Month: January '14 Winner
Posted on 3 February 2014

We want 2014 to be a spectacular year for GameMaker Games! We will be choosing a 'Game of the ... More »

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