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Blog Archive for August 2017

GameMaker Studio 2.1 Update
Posted by Lee Chisholm on 31 August 2017

The release of GameMaker Studio 2.1 sees a major milestone for the GameMaker series and that is t... More »

The Rise and Rise of Indie Games
Posted by Lee Chisholm on 17 August 2017

James Cox recently did a great interview for PocketGame.Biz where he goes into detail about histo... More »

The Return of the Showcase
Posted by Lee Chisholm on 11 August 2017

It's back! With all the great things happening here at YoYo Games, some of the new and exciting ... More »

The Winners of the 23rd GM48
Posted by Lee Chisholm on 4 August 2017

This guest article was written by Jupiter Hadley, an enthusiastic and active member of the indie ... More »

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