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Ad Provider Demos
Posted on 13 June 2014

We've released the new and expanded version 2 of all the ad provider demos. If you already have a... More »

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Building Your App For iOS
Posted by Mark Alexander on 6 June 2014

With the update to the 1.3 version of GameMaker: Studio, certain changes have been made to the wa... More »

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Unveiling the GameMaker STEM Challenge Scotland 2014
Posted on 5 June 2014

Today YoYo Games launched the GameMaker STEM Challenge Scotland for high school students (S1-S4).... More »

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Game of the Month: May '14 Winner
Posted on 2 June 2014

May’s GameMaker Game of the Month is the stunning "Cubesis" from Jind?ich Pavlásek and Jan Horá?e... More »

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