Blog Archive for October 2019

002 blog save
Protect Your Savefiles
Posted by Ross Manthorp on 24 October 2019

The following blog comes from the prolific GameMaker developer Juju (@jujuadams) and aims to tea... More »

002 blog touchinput
Touch Input That Feels Great
Posted by Ross Manthorp on 17 October 2019

Rumble Pack Games recently released their first game (Krash TV) on mobile and making sure the co... More »

001 networking blog
Beginners Guide To Networking
Posted by Mark Alexander on 10 October 2019

In this article we aim to cover the basics of the Networking functions in GameMaker Studio 2. Thi... More »

001 224 blog
GameMaker Studio 2 Version 2.2.4 Out Now!
Posted by Ross Manthorp on 8 October 2019

2.2.4 introduces a big update of the build toolchain to match the requirements of Android 10 and ... More »

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