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Recording And Streaming Audio
Posted by Mark Alexander on 31 October 2014

In the latest updates to the Early Access version of GameMaker: Studio there have been some major... More »

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Analytics Extensions For Android And iOS (v1.4+)
Posted by Mark Alexander on 24 October 2014

From the EA 1.99.260 and next 1.4 Beta update onwards of GameMaker: Studio, analytics for Android... More »

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We’re enhancing the export power of GameMaker: Studio
Posted by Gavin Smart on 10 October 2014

Today we are announcing that most of the GameMaker: Studio Export Modules will now include their ... More »

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YoYo Games announces GameMaker: Player
Posted by Gavin Smart on 3 October 2014

 A free service to Play and Share games made with GameMaker   Today, October 3 2014, YoYo Gam... More »

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Game of the Month: September '14 Winner
Posted by Gavin Smart on 2 October 2014

"A must play for anyone looking for a new platformer..." September's GameMaker Showcase Game of t... More »

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