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Using older versions of GameMaker: Studio on Steam

Posted by Mike Dailly on 12 March 2013

While non-Steam users have always been able to "roll back" when an update isn't working for them, our Steam users have been stuck with whatever have been released. We have however, now thought of a way around this - at least a little.

So what Steam does allow us to do is to distribute BETAS to users, and while this doesn't sound like what everyone is after, it does help. What we've done is create 3 new BETAS, current-1, current-2 and current-3, and these 3 new betas will be used to allow you to revert your copy back to an older version. So how do you get to them?

First, go to the Software section, and RIGHT CLICK on the GameMaker: Studio item in the menu, as shown here.

Steam Menu

Next, select Properties and this will bring up the dialog below. Select the BETAS tab, and then use the drop down list to pick the version you want.


You should probably uninstall your current vesion (using "Delete Local Content.." from the right click menu), and then reinstall, but once it has, you should have the older one ready to use.

We hope this helps our Steam users avoid any issues new versions may have, and we're sorry it took this long to realise we could use the BETAS option like this.

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