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YoYo Tech

GameMaker: Studio V1.1.867 out now!!

Posted on 8 March 2013

In order to bring new versions to developers attention on all distrabution channels, we'll now display release notes on the TechBog, so that they appear in the GameMaker: Studio news panel.

Please see the release notes for full details....


  • EXPERIMENTAL Micro Web server added.
  • Networking demo has been updated to have virtual keys on mobile devices
  • network_connect_ext() renamed to network_connect_raw()
  • Fixes for Android permisions
  • Fix for empty backgrounds in GMX files
  • Some fixes for the Asset Compiler Caching
  • Debug server does now not start except in debug mode.
  • Fixed a crash on instance_change().
  • New option inside preferences to control where the code editor opens up.
  • The graphics rendering on Win32 has been updated for faster batching.
  • Text editor now displays non-latin chacraters properly (Kanji etc.) - but please note, the scroll bars won't work correctly when using them.


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