Create a Platformer Game with GML

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Posted by Ross Manthorp on 20 December 2019

Our latest official GameMaker Studio 2 tutorial has been created by Shaun Spalding and is a 2 part video series setting you up with your own Platformer game using GameMaker Language (GML).

This short tutorial takes roughly an hour with both videos being around 30 minutes. Part 1 will see you set the foundations for your platforming logic and Part 2 will polish it up with free resources provided with the tutorial. Once completed, you'll have a functioning platformer game, ready for you to expand on in your own way or following along with Shaun's longer series featured on his channel here.

Check out videos below and look forward to more tutorials!

Platformer Tutorial (GML) - Part 1/2

Platformer Tutorial (GML) - Part 2/2


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