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YoYo Tech

Publishing Your Games to Windows 8

Posted on 11 October 2012

YoYo Games is excited to announce that GameMaker: Studio™ support for Windows 8 is here.

Since launching GameMaker: Studio™ in late May, we've seen tremendous adoption rates and tons of great games created by you. With the addition of Windows 8 and soon Windows 8 Phone publishing capacity, GameMaker: Studio™ is truly the most easy to use, powerful and cost-effective games creation technology.

We think that Windows 8 is a massive, untapped opportunity for GameMaker: Studio™ developers and has the potential to greatly expand the revenue and exposure potential for games. Windows is still by far the largest platform in the world. There are more than a billion Windows PCs in current use including 500 million Windows 7 devices. With Windows Store operating in 200 markets globally, there is simply no reason to miss out.

With the introduction of Windows 8, the Windows family of operating systems has changed dramatically. Windows 8 presents an enormous opportunity for developers targeting the new Windows Experience. GameMaker: Studio™ makes it easy to capitalize on this opportunity and build engaging Windows Store games that are completely integrated with unique platform features.

To make the process of publishing games to Windows 8 as easy as possible, we've detailed for you the Windows Store application features that are currently available for use with GameMaker: Studio™ and provided you with all you need to know in preparing your GameMaker: Studio™ project for publishing on the Windows Store.

These in-depth tutorials can be found on the YoYo Games Wiki.

We look forward to seeing many GameMaker: Studio™ games on the Windows Store very soon – good luck!

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