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A Little Extra GameMaker


Posted by Ross Manthorp on 16 April 2018

Up until the end of April, we’re offering everyone who buys or upgrades to a paid GameMaker Studio 2* licence a free 3-month Desktop licence, so you can share your love of GameMaker with your bestie, or anyone else for that matter!

It can be fun to learn GameMaker with a friend, or you can keep it all to yourself, as an addition to other licences you might have, like Creator, Web or Mobile. However you use it, it’s a little thank-you from us, a little springtime ray of sunshine!

To take advantage of the offer, check out our store


Q: What will I receive?

A: The purchaser will be emailed a gift code for a 3-month version of the GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop Licence

Q: What will the gift licence provide?

A: The redeemer will have access to all of our advanced design features, be able to use the Mac or Windows IDE, and export games to Ubuntu, Mac or Windows throughout the three months. Unlike the free trial there are no resource limits on the Desktop licence, and you can also use the YYC native compiler.

Q When does the offer run from and until?

A: The offer runs from April 16th 00:00 GMT until April 30th 11:59 GMT.

Q: Who is eligible to receive a gift code?

A: If you purchase any paid GameMaker Studio 2 licence, including gifts*, or pay to upgrade a licence from 16th April to 30th April inclusive, you will receive a gift code for every product licence purchased. The offer applies to Creator, Developer, Console and Ultimate licences, as well as ugrades from Studio 1.4 to 2 or Creator to Desktop. The offer does not apply to Marketplace, Education and Enterprise purchases.

Q: How do I get my free licence?

A: Just complete your purchase and we will email the gift code to you the next working day (Monday to Friday).

Q: How can I gift it to a friend?

A: You or a friend can redeem the gift code licence. Please follow the steps in our Redeeming A GameMaker Studio 2 Gift Licence helpdesk article. If you gift the licence to a friend, they will need to create a YoYo Games account, if they don’t already have one. Ask them to check out Creating a YoYo Account if they need to.

Q: What happens when the licence expires?

A: If the redeemer of the gift licence doesn't have any other paid GameMaker licences, their account will revert to the free trial, which has limits on the number of assets you can use, and doesn’t provide access to advanced functionality. You can learn about the different licences here.

Q: What if I refund my original purchase?

A: If you refund the purchase against which we provided you with a gift licence, then the additional free licence will be revoked.

Q: Can I refund the gift licence?

A: The gift licence is a free gift with no refund value.

*Offer is not applicable to purchases of Education or Enterprise licences

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