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Indie Attitudes to Digital Storefronts on Desktop

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Posted by Ross Manthorp on 22 March 2018

We are committed to giving our Indie developers a greater voice in shaping the games industry of the future. Following our survey to see what you had to say regarding 'Digital Storefronts on Desktop', an article was posted on featuring our General Manager, James Cox. We wanted to share this article and also the full results of the survey with you.

YoYo Games: Which PC storefronts appeal most to indie developers?

PC gaming, unlike its console brethren, is something of the wild west when it comes to digital distribution. Where console manufacturers funnel their digital wares to a singular storefront owned by the hardware manufacturer, PC gaming offers players and developers alike a smorgasbord of choice on where to both publish and purchase games.
From Valve's eminence in the market with Steam, to Humble's charity-driven model, to new kid's setup for developers to customise their own sales pages, there are all sorts of reasons consumers will gravitate to some portals over others. So we at YoYo Games, creators of the 2D software engine GameMaker Studio (Hyper Light Drifter, Nuclear Throne, and Downwell), are curious about how indie developers see these different storefronts; what appeals to them - and gives them cause for concern - about this varied marketplace?
When asked to identify the platforms on which they prefer to publish, Steam was by far the most common response, with 72.2 per cent of those respondents picking Valve's portal. Second, however, was, which garnered an impressive 46.9 per cent. The Humble Store was in third place, with 24.6 per cent, and finally Good Old Games received a response from 22.0 per cent, while 7.2 per cent said they'd publish on Green Man Gaming.

Full article:

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Survey results:

If you have any further thoughts about this survey and the results, or want to suggest other surveys or points of discussion, then please reach out to us on our social media.

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