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Posted by Ross Manthorp on 14 March 2018

We love game jams and believe GameMaker’s super-efficient workflow is such a great tool for them. With the Game Developers Conference just around the corner, this is a great time for a game jam. We are providing free, full licenses of GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop, valid until 28th March, for developers to take part in the various game jams happening around GDC.

Get your free temporary licence

Whether you are taking part in a game jam, or just want to celebrate GDC by making a cool game, you can get yourself a free temporary Desktop licence. All you need to do to get access to this Desktop licence is create a YoYo Account (or use an existing one) and click on the following link:

Additional discount for permanent licence: With this jam licence added to your account, there is also an extra bonus of 20% off the cost of an upgrade to a permanent Desktop licence. You need to redeem this before the 28th of March 2018. (Note: This discount cannot be stacked with the upgrade discount)

Game Jams

We reached out to a few game jams happening during this time, and are happy to highlight:

TRAIN JAM – Train Jam is a collection of developers traveling via train to the Game Developers Conference and creating games during the ~52 hours it takes to arrive in San Francisco from Chicago.

Train Jam|

The HEART JAM – a 72-hour game jam hosted by HeartBeast. (Who has some excellent tutorials on using GameMaker Studio!)

heart jam

Not Going to GDC Jam – a game jam about not attending GDC taking place during GDC! Developers of every stripe and skill level are welcome.

If you have a game jam running between these dates and plan to use GameMaker let us know on social media!

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