GameMaker Studio 2.1.3 Out Now!

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Posted by Gavin Smart on 12 December 2017

Today we are releasing our latest update - GameMaker Studio 2.1.3, the latest feature and bug-fix release for GameMaker Studio 2.

In this release the object editor has gained a new section for defining the object's variables as well as showing inherited parent events in the events Window. We have also brought GMS2 in line with new/upcoming Mac and iOS submission requirements - please note, iOS project icons will have to be updated to match the new sizes.

Object Variables

The object editor now has a new 'Variables' section. This editor allows you to define variables and their default values, and these will be automatically set upon creation. These default values can then be overridden for specific instances by opening the same variables window when in the room editor.

Inherited Parent Events

The object editor's events list now shows "ghosted" events inherited from a parent object. This makes it easy to view all the events available to an object in one place. You can now quickly open, inherit or override a parent event via it's right-click context menu.

Some other updates include:

  • Fixed submission issues for iOS icons and push notifications always being enabled
  • Added in support for 64bit apps in your Mac packages (to again prepare for a submission rules change coming in Jan)
  • Changed Ubuntu games from 32bit to 64bit, as Ubuntu has defaulted to 64bit for quite a while (as has Mac OSX / macOS)
  • Debugger: Graph now shows more accurate fps_real values rather than a mean of a few frames
  • Some bug squashing

There are a few considerations worth acknowledging with this update:

  • If we detect iOS icons in your project, then we will prompt you that you need to fix these icons to pass iOS submission now (you get a dialogue on the first time you open an individual project) – if a user creates a project using an old runtime in this new IDE, they will immediately see this prompt.
  • If you currently have cached build files for Ubuntu, then you will need to clear these out (broom icon on the GMS toolbar), otherwise you will get an error about not being able to build because you’re already connected.

For more info, please see our Release Notes

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