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Posted by Gavin Smart on 25 October 2017


Continuing GameMaker Studio 2’s banner launch year, We have officially partnered with Microsoft to give developers (you guys!) access to the Xbox Live Creators Program. With GameMaker Studio 2’s simple-to-use 2D toolset in hand, you can now quickly and directly publish your games to Xbox One consoles. The Creators Program’s minimum certification process has no requisite concept approval process. Once Xbox Live sign-in is implemented and Gamertags are displayed on the user interface (based on standard Windows Store policies), indie developers can easily bring their games to both PC and console environments.

James Cox, General Manager of YoYo Games had this to say:

“The dream for many developers is to bring their games to every platform, and our GameMaker Studio 2 integration with the Xbox Live Creators Program takes them one step closer to this, This is where our partnership with Microsoft comes in – much of our efforts with GameMaker Studio 2 are focused on creating an engine that’s cost-effective, easy-to-learn and can port games to other platforms quickly. By partnering with the Xbox Live Creators Program, we have blown the doors open for indie games on Xbox One devices.”

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We also spoke with Chris Charla, the Director of ID@Xbox and he responded:

“The Xbox Live Creators program makes it easy for independent developers to ship their games on Xbox One using the social features of Xbox Live – just create a Dev Center account, build a Live-enabled UWP game with GameMaker UWP, and you’re ready to launch on the Xbox One to the full Xbox audience. GameMaker Studio 2 is already a really cool tool for development, and including easy-to-integrate support for Xbox Live Creators Program means that independent developers have another great option to use to showcase their games on the Xbox One Creators Collection!”

If you require help setting up UWP, please visit and help publishing on Creators Program can be found at

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