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New Community Manager Here at YoYo Games

Posted by Lee Chisholm on 28 July 2017


My name is Lee and I’d like to introduce myself as the new Community Manager here at YoYo Games.

I’ve been a member of the team for almost a week now and so far I’m loving it. I’m slowly being introduced to all the different platforms and systems and I’ve also been replying to some of your comments and queries throughout our social platforms - Facebook and Twitter.

So far, I must say the staff at YoYo Games have been brilliant. They’ve been welcoming, friendly and extremely supportive in what is a new and exciting venture for me.

I’d say I’m relatively new to GameMaker Studio but with such a strong team alongside me, I’ll be up to speed in no time and will be able to help with any query, issue or insight that you (the community!) may have.

Anyways, I’d just like to say a quick hello and if you want to get in touch, ask any questions about myself, YoYo Games, GameMaker Studio or even if you just want to say a quick hello, you can reach me either on our Facebook, Twitter or through a helpdesk ticket.

Hopefully hear from you guys soon.



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