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BetaJam 2 - Winners Announced!


Posted by Shaun Spalding on 27 February 2017

Thanks to everybody who entered our second game jam supporting the GameMaker Studio 2 Beta! It's super cool seeing what people are already able to do with the new tool and it always makes us very excited for the future!

Across only two weeks there were twenty one unique games submitted and you can see and play them all here.

We had a lot of fun playing through these games entry and I personally left feedback on every individual submission via their entry pages. Some cool stuff was made but there can only be three winners and without further ado they are as follows:

Third Place

Cait Sidhe by Indiana Kuffer

Cait Sidhe

This cute platform adventure is brimming with atmosphere. The initial game mechanics focus around tricky jumps and edge grabs with a very mobile black cat. Later you obtain magic powers that allow the player to breathe fire and open up new paths.

Download Here

Second Place

Magic Astronaut by Lemth


A simple, tried and tested concept well executed. Jump higher and higher until you can escape the gravitational pull of the planet. Some fun dialogue in this one to break up the levels and feed the feeling of progress. Some great glitch-style effects as you combo more and more jumps and get progressively faster, almost as if you're losing control or breaking some sort of speed barrier!

Download Here

First Place

Glitch Witches by JuJu, Thirteen and Blokatt.


Once again, the talented duo of JuJu and Thirteen put together something super solid in such a small space of time. This time bringing the music of Blokatt into the mix too! A great Worms-like with a ton of different weapons and strategies and a unique environment composition. Some great spell effects and game feel in this one and lots of direct inspiration from classic Worms.

Download Here

All winners will receive a GMS2 goody pack as well as a special trophy for our first place winner!

Thanks again to everyone who submitted! This will be the last jam from me as Community Manager for this particular Beta, but I and the team here at YoYo can't wait to see what new stuff you all continue to create with GameMaker Studio 2.

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