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Back to making games

Posted by Shaun Spalding on 16 February 2017

Hello Everybody!

I often reflect on just how much I owe to GameMaker. Every major step and success in my career can be traced back to this software. From my very first job as a junior designer at Ubisoft Reflections landed from a uni project written in GM, to my first Steam release as an indie, to my YouTube tutorial channel, to here as Community Manager for YoYo Games.

I’ve had an awesome couple of years at YoYo Games and I’ve been super happy and proud to represent the company. As a veteran GameMaker user I used to think I knew quite a bit about the tool and how it works, but the number of things I’ve learned about GameMaker in my time here is mind blowing. YoYo has an incredible, very experienced team and after waiting excitedly myself for GameMaker Studio 2 I was so honoured and excited to be able to play my part in bringing it to the world.

I’ve loved being the bridge between our team and our community of fantastic developers. Getting to see and promote all of the amazing projects being made with this tool and having the privilege to work with developers of some of my all time favourite games has been unbelievably inspiring.

There’s so much about this role I love and I feel so lucky to have been given this opportunity. However, I’ve now decided it’s time for me to step down as Community Manager and return to life as an independent developer.

Working with so many talented developers, seeing and promoting so much amazing work on a daily basis pulls very hard at a place in my heart that knows that where I really belong is among that community as a developer. Developing games is what I live and breathe and is what I’m inexorably drawn back to. I also want to continue to support the GameMaker community with more of the video tutorials I’m perhaps best known for. This is content I have sorely missed making, and that I simply can never give the love, attention and time that it deserves while also performing the full time role of Community Manager. The team here, many of them enthusiastic developers themselves, fully understand my desire and have wished me well.

The 28th of February will be my final day here and I’m going to miss the team enormously. While we have already started to advertise for the position (apply now if interested! I can’t recommend the team in Dundee enough.) YoYo needs the right person for the job and it may be some time before a full replacement is found. In the meanwhile it should be noted that plans have been made to cover all of our major social communications in the meanwhile. Little will change on this front and there will still be plenty of community posts and engagement from YoYo.

I have loved working with this awesome team who I owe so much to, and working with this super enthusiastic community who I look forward to rejoining as another video game developer doing what they love.


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