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Retiring the GameMaker: Player


Posted by Shaun Spalding on 13 February 2017

Hello everyone!

The GameMaker: Player was a tool we built to help more of our developers bring their GameMaker titles to market and share it with others. However, we now live in a different age where so many new, accessible platforms such as and GameJolt exist for developers and deliver excellently on these goals. We therefore believe that our own time and resources are now better spent making sure that GameMaker and specifically GameMaker Studio 2 is the best game development tool it can be, than on continuing to support and improve the Player.

We have therefore decided that as of the 28th of April we will be retiring the GameMaker: Player and as of today you can no longer purchase games, upload new games or create new developer accounts for the Player.

Any developers that still have money earned from the Player that had not yet met the minimum transfer criteria will have their accounts paid out in full. Additionally all purchases previously made via the Player will be refunded. Further details on this process will be made available as we draw closer to the date.

-YoYo Games

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