GameMaker Studio 2: Beta Newsletter #4


Posted by Shaun Spalding on 27 January 2017

Hello everybody! This is our 4th newsletter covering all of the ongoing developments surrounding the GameMaker Studio 2 Beta.

Mobile, Web and UWP available

We're happy to announce that our latest release brings the Mobile, Web and UWP targets to public beta. You can now get immediate access to these platforms by purchasing early in the same way as with the Desktop beta, log in to your YoYo Account to do so. It's worth mentioning that the previous discounts available to owners of GameMaker Studio 1.x also still apply to these products, as detailed on the page linked above.

You will need to make sure you update your GameMaker Studio 2 IDE to the latest version before using these new targets. We've spent a long time testing these targets but some bugs and issues may remain so please remain vigilant in reporting all issues.

We have prepared a number of guides on setting up the new targets with their various required settings and SDKs. Here are some links to the appropriate help desk sections to get you started:


We've also been hard at work on GameMaker Studio 2 and going over your feedback (for which we thank you and highly encourage you to keep filling out the beta surveys and discussing GMS2 on our forums!) and this new version fixes a number of different bugs and introduces some new changes based on feedback.

The help manual will now load in the IDE by default rather than in an external browser (this can still be changed via preferences as before, we've just flipped the default for fresh installs).

We've also built a new feature into the room editor that allows you to build a TileMap directly from a .png image. This automatically creates a tileset, removes duplicates and mirrors, and uses it to create a tilemap in your room!

Create an image of your level in any art package and save as a .png. This can include transparency such as the image below:


And then import it to your room as follows:

create tilemap

The resulting tileset is optimised and duplicates removed, you can use it to modify or add to your project as with any other!


The full release notes for this version can be found here.

BetaJam 2

BetaJam2 After the success of our first GameMaker Studio 2 Jam we're pleased to announce another opportunity to win some GameMaker swag. Build a game in just two weeks using GameMaker Studio 2 and submit it for a chance to win. We had some excellent entries before, which you can check out in this blog post.

The next competition will formally start and the theme will be announced one week from today, whereupon you will have two weeks to make the best game you can! Given that sharing the source code is a fundamental part of these competitions, it's possible to enter even using the free trial version of GMS2!

More details and full rules coming next week.

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