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GameMaker Studio 2: Beta Newsletter #3


Posted by Shaun Spalding on 16 December 2016

Hello everybody and welcome to our third Beta Newsletter! Bi-Weekly updates covering anything and everything to do with the ongoing Beta for GameMaker Studio 2. This is going to be our last newsletter of 2016 and the team at YoYo would like to wish everybody a very happy holiday season! We'll be back with more bi-weekly newsletters in early January.

Beta Teasers

We've been hard at work on the next beta release for GameMaker Studio 2. Along with tons of bug fixes there's lots of cool new features in this next release so here are a few highlights of what's to come in the next few days:

Live Preview

Enable live preview in any DnD event to see a live conversion of actions to GameMaker language! We hope this will be an aid for beginners using DnD who wish to move into learning how to code. The preview updates in real time and will respond immediately to any changes or reordering of actions.

Live Preview

Colour Replace

This familiar and missed tool from 1.x has returned to Studio 2, allowing you to quickly swap colours of a sprite.

Colour Replace

Non-Contiguous Selection

On a similar note we've also added the ability to make non contiguous selections with the wand tool. Best explained by seeing in action below!

Non Contiguous Select

There are a few more cool extras coming to the image editor and other areas of GMS2 in this next release, and we're very excited for you to get your hands on it!

BetaJam finishes!


Our first ever game jam for GameMaker Studio 2 has now ended! Over 50 excellent games powered by GameMaker Studio 2 were submitted to the Jam which you can see and play for yourself here. We have started the judging process and the winners, who will receive Studio 2 goodybags will be announced very shortly! We're hoping to run further game jams and have some surprises in store so stay tuned for more opportunities like this one!

If you've purchased GameMaker Studio 1.x products in the past you are currently entitled to up to a 50% discount when you purchase GameMaker Studio 2! Buy Studio 2 today for instant access to our ongoing beta test.

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