GameMaker Studio 2: Beta Newsletter #2


Posted by Shaun Spalding on 30 November 2016

Hello everybody and welcome to Beta newsletter number 2! Bi-Weekly updates covering anything and everything to do with the ongoing Beta for GameMaker Studio 2.


We want as many of you out there building games with GameMaker Studio 2 and putting the beta through as much testing as possible. So we're announcing the world's first GameMaker Studio 2 Game Jam!


You have just two weeks starting today to submit a video game built with GameMaker Studio 2, the theme for the jam is "Arena" and we're hoping to see some excellent uses of the new tile mapping features! Trial users can enter the jam too as we require project files to be submitted with entries. We will be giving away a trophy to the winner and GMS2 goody packs to the top three games.

We are hosting BetaJam via, an awesome web store and service for independant game developers.

Check here for more information and to join in.

We will announce the winner on the Friday following the competition end date which is the 14th of December.

Best of luck!

Recent news


A new version of the GameMaker Studio 2 IDE ( was recently released, click here for the release notes. There were lots of general fixes in this version and some UI improvements have been implemented based on your feedback. We are continuing to monitor all feedback we recieve and adding new items to our backlog where we can. Please keep up the great work!

Purchase Studio 2 early for instant Beta access

The biggest news of course is that you can now purchase GameMaker Studio 2! Buying now gets you instant access to the full Desktop beta, zero resource limits and full 1.x project import support. For everyone who wants to start working on their projects today. We also clarified some details regarding the future of GameMaker Studio 1.x and our plans to continue support for the product for the foreseeable future.

Twitch livestream from Shaun

Last but not least we recently ran a Twitch livestream hosted by myself (Shaun) where I answered a few questions about GameMaker Studio 2 and demonstrated the import process, explaining in detail how to get your 1.x project up and running in Studio 2. The archive is available here. We encourage you to follow the channel for more live broadcasts of all things GameMaker Studio 2!

Community Spotlights

With every newsletter, we're giving away prizes to the best projects, work, guides, feedback and tutorials we see. Any and all contributions to the GameMaker Studio 2 community.


WaveLand Gif

A developer by the name of rologfos has been developing a game called WaveLand and has recently brought the project to GameMaker Studio 2! The game is a wonderful loveletter to the unique movement mechanics found in the Super Smash Brothers series. The game is already packed with mechanical depth and it's still in development! Follow this one for sure if you're a wavedashing fan or just love your platformers to come with a focus on sharp, precise and satisfying movement.

Check out his latest development video blog where he speaks about the transition to GMS2 and shows off his latest additions.

Geon FX

WaveLand Gif

The developer behind GameMaker title SteamPanic also developed a particle editor called "Geon FX" for GameMaker Studio which is available on the Marketplace. They've very quickly brought this excellent tool to GameMaker Studio 2. We highly recommend giving this a look if you want a visual way to design particle effects to work with GMS2.

We'll be sending both of these developers a GameMaker Studio 2 goody pack for their efforts!

Goody Pack

Once again we just want to give a huge thanks to everyone who has submitted bugs so far or contributed to discussion on GameMaker Studio 2. Please do continue to report any problems to us!

Thanks again to all of you taking part in the Beta! Not tried GMS2 yet? Sign up today!

-Shaun Spalding

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