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GameMaker Spotlight: Deadbolt


Posted by Shaun Spalding on 6 June 2016

We're always on the look out for great stuff being built GameMaker: Studio and recently we are in no short supply! This time around we're spotlighting the latest release from Hopoo Games: Deadbolt.

Hopoo Games already saw a great deal of success with their first GameMaker powered title: Risk of Rain. Now they've released something brand new with all of the style, finesse and quality we've come to expect from them. Check out the release trailer below:

In Deadbolt you take on the role of death itself, out to quell an uprising of Undead. Problem is, reaper though you may be and as powerful as you are, you can still die and it only takes one shot. Death's job is tough and leaves zero margin for error. The developers themselves describe Deadbolt as "extremely challenging" and they aren't kidding around, yet the game succeeds in always feeling fun, fair and satisfying throughout.

If the game's hand built content isn't enough to satisfy you, there's also a countless number of community made levels on the game's Steam Workshop and an included level editor for you to build your own missions.

Deadbolt is available on Steam for just $9.99 at time of writing and we think that's a solid bargain.

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We're always on the lookout for new, exciting GameMaker titles to shout about. Let us know about your upcoming game and you could appear in our showcase or even be in our next spotlight!


Shaun Spalding, Community Manager

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