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GameMaker Spotlight: Solstice

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Posted by Shaun Spalding on 14 March 2016

In addition to our already brimming showcase of awesome games, we like to take some time to regularly highlight some of the best new game releases made with GameMaker: Studio!

Last month we took a look at Crashlands, this time around we're showing off MoaCube's latest game, Solstice.

Solstice has not just its beautiful painterly artwork, but a deep and twisting narrative with a memorable cast of diverse, interesting characters all with plenty depth, secrets, motives and plans of their own. There's a ton of secrets and choices for the player to discover and lots of content here to sink into. It's definitely a game we recommend and you can pick it up now for Windows PC and Mac.

An overview of the game as taken from our GameMaker showcase:

An exotic city in the middle of a frozen wasteland, cut off from the world by raging blizzards. Inhabited only by a small group of misfits, who either can’t or don’t want to leave for the dead winter season. When the local archaeologist goes missing, an ambitious doctor on a contract and a mysterious young woman, who arrived with the last dog sled caravan, start asking questions. What begins as an innocent investigation to pass the time, may end with the cold wasteland finally claiming the proud Jewel of the North.

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We're always on the lookout for new, exciting GameMaker titles to shout about. Let us know about your upcoming game and you could appear in our showcase or even be in our next spotlight!


Shaun Spalding,
Community Manager

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