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Global Game Jam 2016 - Team YoYo

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Posted by Shaun Spalding on 8 February 2016

Hello everybody!

This is Shaun, your Community Manager. As you may or may not know, just over a week ago Global Game Jam 2016 happened! The worlds biggest game jam saw over 6800 games made by teams all across the globe in just two days, including one by our very own Team YoYo!

Myself and QA Technician Ross Manthorp headed down to the GGJ site at Abertay university in order to build a game and show off GameMaker: Studio on behalf of YoYo Games. We've always held that GameMaker is an excellent tool for the sort of rapid prototyping required from game jams, especially those with short time limits and we set out to prove it!

We combined our coding efforts and ended up making an awesome little game with a bit of audio expertise borrowed from student Sam Cummings. We also got to see a lot of cool games being made by Abertay students who had come up with a huge number of super interesting and innovative titles based around the 2016 GGJ theme of "Ritual".

We're very proud to have both taken part in and sponsored the Global Game Jam for 2016 and we definitely hope to take part again next year!

Did you create anything cool with GameMaker for GGJ 2016? Let me know on Twitter or by email at


Shaun Spalding,
Community Manager,
YoYo Games

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