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GameMaker Spotlight: Crashlands


Posted by Shaun Spalding on 3 February 2016

We've decided to start a new initiative here at YoYo Games where in addition to our already brimming showcase of awesome games, we take some time to specifically highlight some of the best new game releases made with GameMaker: Studio!

First up is Crashlands, a game released this January by Butterscotch Shenanigans!

With huge sprawling worlds, hilarious narrative, smooth and intuitive base building and crafting, fun combat and cross platform goodness (not to mention some glowing reviews over on Metacritic) Crashlands is very worth giving some of your time! The game is incredibly feature packed and really shows off a lot of what GameMaker: Studio has to offer. It's currently available on Steam, iOS and Android!

An overview of the game as taken from our GameMaker showcase:

Become Flux Dabes, a galactic trucker whose latest shipment gets hijacked by a chin-strapped menace named Hewgodooko, leaving you stranded on an alien planet. As you hustle to retrieve your packages you’ll become enmeshed in a nefarious plot of world domination, which will require all of your wits and both of your glutes to overcome. Learn recipes from the local sentient life, uncover ancient secrets and deadly bosses, tame everything and build yourself a home-away-from-home as you learn to thrive on planet Woanope.

We're always on the lookout for new, exciting GameMaker titles to shout about. Let us know about your upcoming game and you could appear in our showcase or even be in our next spotlight!


Shaun Spalding,
Community Manager

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