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Maddening Overload - Multiplayer now available!

Posted by Gavin Smart on 6 July 2015



Maddening Overload is available now on PlayStation®4 and with our new multiplayer update, you can show your friends who's boss. 

Maddening Overload is a fast-paced endless runner where the protagonist must escape from the ever-encroaching wall of his own insanity. Run as fast as you can while dodging pitfalls, spikes and dead-ends which all can prove fatal.

Ultimately you're doomed to succumb to the madness, but with 101 challenges to beat and 13 trophies to collect, you should try to outrun it for as long as you can!

And now, with the added dimension of multiplayer, the levels of insanity are more Maddening than ever.

Get it now for £4.99 on the PlayStation Store 

Maddening Overload is currently only available in SCEE regions on Playstation®4.

Maddening Overload was made with GameMaker: Studio.

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