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Announcing the YoYo Games’ GameMaker Showcase Game of the Year 2014!

Posted by Gavin Smart on 14 January 2015

This year we’ve had loads of amazing games added to the GameMaker Showcase and picking the winners for each Game of the Month resulted in several hard decisions. 


This year’s nominees are:

  • January: Hyper Light Drifter, by Heart Machine
  • February: Nidhogg, by Messhof
  • March: Death Ray Manta, by Bagfull of Wrong
  • April: Echo of the Wilds, by Caiysware
  • May: Cubesis, by Jind?ich Pavlásek and Jan Horá?ek
  • June: Blazin’ Aces, by Red Dot Lab
  • July: Gods Will Be Watching, by Deconstructeam
  • August: ArcaneSoul, by mSeed Co.
  • September: Terrian Saga: KR-17, by Wonderfling Studios
  • October: Uncanny Valley, by Cowardly Creations
  • November: Fenix Rage, by Green Lava Studios
  • December: Galactic Missile Defense, by BlackSheep Games


For more information on each of the nominees please visit the Game of the Year webpage and click on each of the games.


We have made the voting for the Showcase Game of the Year as easy as possible: simply head over to the Game of the Year webpage select which game you want to win and click the vote button. You will then be asked for some information to make sure that you are not a robot and have only voted once, rest assured that we will not use your details for anything other than making sure you don’t vote twice.


Last year we gave out our very first GameMaker Showcase Game of the Year award and after a close fight, Savant – Ascent by D-Pad Studio managed to take the lead and win the award.

This year we hope that all of the nominated developers will show as much enthusiasm as last year’s winners and rally their followers to vote for them!


So whether you already have a favourite or you want to find out more about the games involved head over to the Game of the Year webpage!

Voting opens at 15:00 GMT on January 19th and closes 15:00 GMT on February 2nd.


Want to see your game entered to Game of the Year 2015? Submit your game to the GameMaker Showcase now! 

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