We’re enhancing the export power of GameMaker: Studio

Posted by Gavin Smart on 10 October 2014

Today we are announcing that most of the GameMaker: Studio Export Modules will now include their compiler.

With this upgrade, developers will now be able to harness the full speed of the CPU, allowing projects to run up to 100x faster across all native platforms supported. This upgrade unlocks new possibilities in CPU-intensive areas such as artificial intelligence, procedural techniques, real time lighting, enhanced physics, real time geometry deformation, collision and data manipulation, immensely raising the quality bar of GameMaker: Studio games.

As a result, the YoYo Compiler (YYC) will be discontinued and each Export Module will now include the compiler as standard. This will allow developers to create the best and most optimised games possible.

In accordance with these changes, effective November 6th the price of the Export Modules will be increased, however existing customers, including those who purchase before the price change will receive the Compiler upgrade free of charge.

To accompany these changes and help developers get access to the full suite of powerful Export Modules, the price of GameMaker: Studio Professional will be reduced to $49 for a limited period of time.

The price of Master Collection that includes GameMaker: Studio Professional and all Export Modules is unchanged for now at $799. This represents a saving of up to 66% compared to the sum of its components.

For full details of the new product line up please visit the GameMaker: Studio Prices Page

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