GameMaker: Studio v1.4 Early Access is here! Introducing the GameMaker: Marketplace!

Posted by Gavin Smart on 2 July 2014

Today we are releasing GameMaker: Studio update version 1.4 for “Early Access” and we’re excited to make available a very early version of the GameMaker: Marketplace! The GameMaker: Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for developers to access all of the amazing game making resources created by members of the GameMaker community.

It’s been a goal of ours to establish the GameMaker: Marketplace for a long time as so many great assets and technology have been created by the community throughout the years. The YoYo Games team has been working hard on this project for months now and we’re happy to share the Early Access version with you today.

The GameMaker: Marketplace is available for everyone who has purchased GameMaker: Studio, and only those with Professional will be able to sell their assets in the “Early Access” version. This is a very early version and we’re looking for your help with creating content, bug reporting, and feedback.

By creating the GameMaker: Marketplace, we are not only creating a central hub for all of this great content but we’re also giving developers an extra opportunity to earn some more money from their hard work!

Are you interested in making your creations available to others to benefit from? Programmers, Artists, Sound Engineers or Designers that have created their own GameMaker: Studio resources and would like to sell or share them with the community should check out our 
Submission Guidelines. To make the Marketplace a valuable tool for all of the aspiring and professional game developers out there, we need your help!

For more information about GameMaker: Studio v1.4, please look over the Release Notes.

The YoYo Games Team



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