YoYo Games Demoing 19 GameMaker Titles for PS4 at GDC

Posted by Jaime Cottini on 19 March 2014

YoYo Games is proud to be demoing 19 fantastic GameMaker games for PlayStation 4 at its GDC Booth Wednesday, March 19 through Friday, March 21. Please come by booth #1924 to see all of the amazing games and talk to our technical team about what's new with GameMaker: Studio. Thanks again to all of the participating developers -- you rock!


10 Second Ninja, Dan Pearce                                                     

Another Perspective, Shaun Spalding                                      

Bullet Bros, Futurepoly                                                         

Castles in the Sky, The Tall Trees                                                                     

Cook, Serve, Delicious; Vertigo Games                                      

Hero Siege, Panic Art Studios                                                    

Home, Benjamin Rivers                                                               

Hyper Light Drifter, Heart Machine                                         

Maldita Castilla, LocoMalito                                                        

Nuclear Throne, Vlambeer                                                         

Risk of Rain, Hopoo Games                                                        

Samurai Gunn, Teknopants                                                      

Savant-Ascent, D-Pad Studio                                             

Spelunky, Moss Mouth                                                                

Stealth Bastard, Curve Studio                                                    

Super Crate Box, Vlambeer                      

Tiamat-X, BBQ Games

Death Ray Manta – Bagfull of Wrong                                     
Valdis Story, Endless Fluff Games   

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