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Hurry! Tizen App Challenge to Award More Than $4 Million in Prizes to Developers

Posted by Gavin Smart on 27 September 2013

Are you participating in the Tizen App Challenge? Did you know that thanks to GameMaker: Studio you can enter your games for a chance at winning some serious loot and at the same time be part of a brand new mobile ecosystem on launch day?

The Tizen Organization’s “Tizen App Challenge” is giving away more than $4 million in prizes to more than 50 developers in nine categories in preparation for the launch of the Tizen Store anticipated later this year.

Did you also know that GameMaker: Studio’s Tizen export is available now to users of GameMaker: Studio Professional and Master Collection which allows them to create games and then export them to the Tizen platform at no additional cost?

Sound cool? Yeah, we thought so too. So, what are you waiting for? GameMaker: Studio makes it easy. Enter the Tizen App Challenge before November 1 and be an early mover on something BIG.

Go to the Tizen App Challenge Home Page for eligibility and terms and conditions surrounding the challenge.

To get started and for support with GameMaker: Studio and its Tizen exports, please visit YoYo Games’ Tizen Support Page.


Good luck!
Your friends at YoYo Games

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