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YoYo Games Publishes Six Video Game Titles for Today’s Launch of Google Chrome Apps

Posted by Jaime Cottini on 5 September 2013

YoYo Games today announces that it has published six video game titles as Google Chrome Apps and all are available now on the Chrome Web Store. Chrome Apps are a new kind of highly interactive app that take advantage of the latest web technologies, work offline, can be launched from an app launcher outside of the browser, are always up to date, hold your place across all of your computers and work with your computer hardware.

YoYo Games’ Chrome Apps can be found in the Chrome Web Store for $0.99. Google Chrome Apps are initially for Chrome users on Windows and Chrome OS with OS X Support arriving in the next Chrome release.

YoYo Games’ Chrome Apps launched today include:

Froad is a family-friendly game featuring a little character that’s a mix between a frog and a toad. Players need to help Froad lash his tongue to catch his favorite bugs and avoid the bees in this simple yet addictive single tap game. Froad features more than 60 achievements to unlock and six leader boards.

Simply Poker Squares
In Simply Poker Squares, the rules couldn’t be simpler; build as many poker hands on a five by five grid of squares from a deck of 25 cards. That’s it! Whether you’re new to Poker or a seasoned veteran you’ll find yourself hooked on getting the perfect game.

Rick O'Shea
Rick O’Shea is a human cannonball who performs death defying stunts for the crowd. Players must control Rick and steer him around using cannons to avoid dangers such as timed spikes and shark pools, all so that Rick can reach the exit of each level. Each cannon is static so the player can only control the rotation before firing our hero in the desired direction. Once fired Rick will ricochet off ceilings, walls and floors until he reaches another cannon or the exit.

Skydiver Drop Zone
This sequel to Skydiver Mach II will test your nerves in this simple yet addictive split-second reaction game. Tap and hold to free fall, release as close to the line as you dare and then guide your Skydiver into the drop zone. The Closer to the line you release, the most points players earn.

Super Snake
The snakes are hungry and the chickens are slow, feed your snake to help it grow! Eat your way through 100 levels of puzzles, power-ups and poultry, spanning five wonderfully wicked worlds in this unique and modern take on the classic game of snake!

They Need to Be Fed
Players need to feed the monsters in this beautiful 360-degree gravity-based platformer by running and jumping through 11 crazy worlds, avoiding many dangers and collecting the diamonds. This media darling features more than 80 levels to complete and 36 achievements to unlock.

For more information on Chrome Apps, please visit the Google Chrome Blog.

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